8 Steps to Create Life Balance for Inner Peace and Mental Calm

How to create inner balance

What does it really mean to find balance in your life? It is simply a feeling of balance across all disciplines of your life. It also means that you are not dedicating too much time, effort, or energy to one specific aspect of your life. For the most part, you feel motivated, calm, clear-headed, and […]

Developing and Dreaming a New Vision for your Future

How to develop a new vision

Roadmaps are great tools to reach personal success. They guide us to where we want to go and what we genuinely want from life. This planning tool, in collaboration with visioning, provides the processes and support to make yourself a better you. Visioning is a creative process that helps develop your road map, broadcasting where […]

The Power of a Decision

The Power of a Decision

As humans, we all struggle with decisions and the ability to change. The biggest decisions always seem to be the most challenging, but why is that? Emotion is often attached to decision-making. Where there is emotion, there is procrastination, justification, and excuses that hold us back. It is in our human nature and it simply […]

Empowerment Through Finding Your Authentic Voice

Finding Your Authentic Voice

YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE IS IMPORTANT. What does it mean to you to “speak up?” What does it mean to assert yourself? What does it mean to tell someone who you are and what you believe in?  Do you know what it feels like to be fully empowered in your life? Many people would say “NO”. […]

The Link Between Happiness and Resilience and 10 Ways to Build Resilience

10 Ways to Build Resilience

I often find myself thinking of resilience. Happier people are more resilient! Building our resilience is a tried and tested method in positive psychology for improving our general well-being and happiness. Resilience might be defined as our ability to bounce back from life’s curve balls rather than sinking into overwhelm. Recent research shows that people who […]