Developing and Dreaming a New Vision for your Future

How to develop a new vision
Roadmaps are great tools to reach personal success. They guide us to where we want to go and what we genuinely want from life. This planning tool, in collaboration with visioning, provides the processes and support to make yourself a better you. Visioning is a creative process that helps develop your road map, broadcasting where you want to go in the future. When going about this process, it does not matter the size of your goals; all that matters is actively pursuing your dreams. The feeling these successes will give you will push you further into being your authentic self.
The word “vision” comes from the Latin visionem, meaning wisdom. Having a vision is having the wisdom to see past certain events in expectation of a greater outcome in the future. Visions are some of the best tools to motivate and guide our journeys. This becomes more achievable when specific factors are utilized from the visioning process.
Life can be something that happens to you, or it can be something you create. You have limitless potential to do and make great things happen. As you begin this new decade, this is the perfect tool to guide your year. Visioning expands personal responsibility, giving you more control over your life. Increased self-worth, a sense of deep pride, and overcoming barriers are all things in your grasp.
As Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.”
One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to prioritize us. Many of us are so busy in life that we rarely take time for ourselves. We care for children, spouses, family members, and friends, leaving us exhausted and with no personal time. Planning for your goals and dreams is typically placed low on someone’s never-ending list of responsibilities. The results of this lack of self -prioritization often are that people feel out of control and helpless to take control of their destiny. Most of the time they don’t even dare to dream of a change in their lives or situation.
My biggest goal in life is to help women rise and become fully empowered. That statement includes promoting confidence, strength, and helping others find their inner voice. The ultimate goal is deep confidence, rooted in true empowerment. When pursuing this journey, there are several key steps in reaching your dreams. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it is a constant evolution of yourself and your goals. Remembering your true passions and putting yourself first will help you stay true to yourself. This process is not an immediate fix, but a long-term guide to help you embrace YOU.
The list below includes necessary characteristics for pursuing your authentic self. You will not succeed in every endeavor, we are all human and make mistakes. Using internal strength, however, will allow you to find your strength in this world
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • A desire to work for and on yourself
  • Respect for oneself
  • A growth mindset
  • Resiliency when facing difficulty
  • Ability to laugh with successes and failures
  • Humility to ground yourself throughout your journey
  • Persistence in the face of roadblocks
  • Patience to support your journey
  • A lack of self-judgment, moving you toward self-love
  • The ability to practice what you learn
  • Support on your journey
This list introduces a tangible approach, one necessary to help the visioning process guide you to your goals.
  • Imagine a dream, goal, or change you want to make. Write down a bigger and improved vision for yourself.
  • Plan a strategy and a timeline to accomplish your vision.
  • Begin with your first action; you don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step!
  • Learn to manage your emotional up’s and down’s; everything is not always perfect, but perseverance is key.
  • Keep working and evolving with your vision during your journey.
  • When there are roadblocks, don’t give up. Keep looking for how to work through and with challenges to reach better outcomes.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Lean on those around you who are your supporters!
  • Keep going, even when things don’t work out as you plan.
  • Celebrate small and large successes, every step forward is one you did not have before.
My 2020 Vision retreat is a perfect way to start your journey of self-improvement and radical change. We will be creating the foundations of a successful life shift, from others to focusing some time on yourself and your goals. We will create a path to clarity, intention, and action. A mindset of achieving change is a large focus of our time together.
Join me on February 21 and learn to uncover and embrace the true YOU.
Visions and road maps are powerful tools to prioritize yourself and your dreams. I encourage every one of you to take that first step and challenge yourself to actualize your goals!
– Jackie Cleary

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