The Power of a Decision

The Power of a Decision

As humans, we all struggle with decisions and the ability to change. The biggest decisions always seem to be the most challenging, but why is that?

Emotion is often attached to decision-making. Where there is emotion, there is procrastination, justification, and excuses that hold us back. It is in our human nature and it simply becomes habitual behavior. Putting off emotion is only detrimental to future progress.

But… what if you could learn how to make decisions with less emotion? What if you could change your life by learning how to think differently? What would you do if you could feel empowered to create a life of your dreams?

Often times, I hear people say “I hate change,” “I love predictability,” and “There is nothing I want to change about my life.”

Instead of those words, I hear “I am afraid and don’t know how to embrace change,” or “Change makes me anxious… I’d rather just stay in my comfort zone.”

When people convince themselves that they are fine where they are, they often lose sight of ambitions and dreams. As children, we made believe, drew pictures, and were simply in the moment–not held back by anything. Some kids may have had trauma and fear to deal with while growing up, while others have had events that impact them later in life. These can and will hold us back from the childlike state of dreaming.

There is an inherent fear of the unknown. People think that if they don’t change, they won’t have that ever-present fear. Choosing to stay safe, however, is often what is holding others back. Instead of deciding to stay safe, choose to embrace progress and create a new process for your life.

Please think about this. I know that when many truly take a deep look into their life, they find stagnation and fear. Join me in my Visioning Retreat this February 21st! I would love to help you create your vision and learn to consciously act on it. For more information about this life-changing event, click the button below.

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