Stress Hardiness for the Holidays!


The holidays are upon us! As we begin thinking of them all kinds of thoughts enter our heads (good and bad). It’s a very exciting time but also many stressors can be associated with the big days ahead!!

Some of the stress is very real but most of it is a product of the pressure we place upon ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to get through them feeling like things went “as planned” and “happy”? Develop the skill of “hardiness” is one way to help cope and thrive when things are stressful. Merriam-Webster defines hardiness as: accustomed to dealing with fatigue or hardships: capable of withstanding adverse conditions.

Just a few simple tips will help you begin to adopt a “Stress Hardiness” that will get you through the holidays with ease.:)

 Try these tips

1.     Begin with a goal in mind…How do you want the holiday to look, feel etc… especially how do you want to feel emotionally and physically when its all done? Write this down and aim for this. It is important to write down the goal and exactly how you will maintain the goal. Focus primarily on your thoughts (negative vs positive) and your physical signs of stress so you can keep it at bay.

2.     Stay mindful; breathing and being aware when you notice stress beginning to build in your mind and body.  Focus on the present and the good around you. (not the past or the future)

3.     Cook most of your food ahead of time (if possible)…This will save on anxiety and fatigue on the big day.

4.     Try cooking new recipes that have a healthy spin to them.

5.     Try eating and drinking half of what you would normally.

6.     Try to eat fewer carbohydrates. The holidays are packed with high sugar and carbs…. This leaves us feeling stuffed and ready to nap like Rip Vanwinkle!

7.     If you exercise, work it into your day in some way, if you don’t, try walking after you eat.

8.     Focus on gratitude! All the research around the subject of Gratitude is very positive. Did you know it is impossible to feel bad you are practicing gratitude…the brain and body go into 2 different modes with each and that is a scientific fact! So choose to be grateful.

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