We’re honored as a “Best of Tulsa 2020” – but the best is yet to come!

Jackie Cleary was named a Best of Tulsa 2020 recipient for Mental Health Services, honoring her 30-plus years of counseling excellence, and launching her exciting new venture in Executive Female Business Coaching and Speaking.

“I want to thank all of the successful female leaders of Tulsa,” says Cleary. “Your examples of determination and strength inspire me every day.”

Cleary is so inspired by Tulsa’s exceptional female leaders, that she is dedicating the next phase of her counseling career to training them. “I couldn’t be more excited to focus more exclusively on my passion: female business professionals undergoing periods of transition and growth.”

Cleary’s coaching service focuses on female business leaders who want to grow as individuals, improve specific leadership skills, and enhance their careers. She specializes in serving professional businesswomen who are transitioning at work, or who want to gain the leadership skills necessary to take advantage of professional opportunities, and take their careers to the next level.

There are no shortages of “career coaches” out there. But Cleary’s award-winning career as a counselor and leader of Cleary Counseling & Consultation makes her uniquely qualified for this important new venture, and gives her clients an edge.

“With more than 30 years of experience counseling people, I intimately understand the struggles people encounter at home and at work,” says Cleary. “This insider knowledge helps me understand the nature of certain conflicts and how to eliminate those issues.”

Professional women face unique challenges in the workforce every day, from work/life balance, to communicating assertively with upper management, to salary negotiation, gender bias, and more. Cleary empowers women with the tools they need to thrive.

Best Of Tulsa

Her service starts with a free 30-minute Zoom conversation, where she determines how she can best help. If Cleary thinks it’s a good fit, she offers clients a customizable package, including a series of thought-provoking, but fun questionnaires, to discover a client’s true desires and needs.

Cleary serves both the seasoned professional with several years under her belt, as well as the young up-and-comer who is new to the workforce, and is eager to make her mark. “Every woman is unique, and has her own set of challenges and goals,” said Cleary. “I’m excited to help her discover what they are, who she is, and most of all, to help her accomplish her goals.”

Cleary knows a thing or two about helping people achieve their potential. Her passion for serving others inspired her to become a counselor in the first place, and is the reason her life’s work was recently honored with a “Best of Tulsa 2020” award. While awards are great, Cleary says the most significant honor will always be making a difference in people’s lives.

“The biggest validation for me is when a client tells me that I have really impacted their life and given them valuable tools to help them move forward,” says Cleary. “I believe every professional woman has what it takes within her to achieve her dreams. My mission is to give her the keys to unlock her true potential.”

Whether you’re new to the workforce or have worked for a while, take your career to the next level. Please call Jackie at 918-671-2225 or contact her here. She”ll be in touch to set up your free 30-minute Zoom session!

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