11 Qualities to Develop to Become a More Empowered Leader

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Much is written about leadership. It is definitely a “process “ to become the kind of leader people look up to and want to follow.  Most of us just keep trying to get there with no real direction. One of the most important things to understand about being a leader is the necessity to evolve and develop certain skills. Leading your own life with skill is one of the first steps. I am offering 11 things for you to focus on to give you a more linear way to develop your skill-set and a better sense of control over your own life.

  1. Develop your self- awareness.
    Many of us have some self-awareness but research has shown that there are many sides to ourselves and our strengths that we do not see. It can be really helpful to get with a great coach to help you with getting clearer on strengths and how to use them.


  1. Integrity Be Who You Say You are.
    There is so much pressure these days to “please everyone”. It is first of all, impossible to do that , but more importantly, it robs you from your own integrity and authentic self.


  1. Know what your values are.
    Your values keep you centered and help you set your priorities in goal setting.


  1. Create priorities.
    You can set priorities annually or in any fashion or area you desire; however, it is very important to know what they are. For example, it’s easiest to start 1-5, with 1 being your most important priority and 5, less important.


  1. Have daily structure.
    Discipline is key to any successful leader. Your daily structure, rituals or routines are the things you do that keep you energized, filled up and balanced.


  1. Improve “Self-based skills”: self-confidence, self-respect , self-determination, self-control.
    All of these are separate skills to be learned by themselves but just to say, they are essential,  in having success and leading with full empowerment and influence.


  1. Accountability Own… your own.
    Owning your own, means taking control and being accountable for all of your decisions; right, wrong, good or bad.  We can learn from all of our choices in life.


  1. Set Boundaries.
    Boundaries are not barriers, they are gates that let us control more effectively how we execute and run our own lives. Good boundaries are at the primary core of all leaders’ success.


  1. Communication skills.
    Much is said about communication and many think they are skilled at it. The best communicators are EXCELLENT listeners.


  1. Emotional Intelligence.
    Emotional intelligence is one area of self-awareness. It is how we understand ourselves, how others see us and how we impact those around us. Good news! This can be improved. Like all areas of self-awareness, they are often not understood well.  Coaching and being open to growing can really help in this area.


  1. Balance in your life.
    Balancing your life is about what things help you stay mentally, physically and spiritually well.  Our world tends to demand a lot from us and it is important that we learn to say “no” at times and continuously re-work what ours needs are and what keeps us in balance.

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