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Jackie is available to speak for keynotes, break-out sessions, seminars, conferences, retreats, church events, and more. Choose from one of her topics or work with her to customize content for your audience.

Looking to train your staff?

Professional development is a key component of a successful team and corporate culture. Jackie’s background in psychology positions her to uniquely speak to topics such as Mental Health & the Workplace, Boundaries in Life/Work, Adjusting to Transitions & Change.

Interested in a workshop?

In addition to preset workshops, Jackie is willing to create workshops or groups crafted from her areas of expertise to address the areas you are looking to develop and grow. These events can be a few hours, a full day, or a multi-week class.

Speaking, Training, and Workshop Topics

Empowering Women

Mental Health & The Workplace

Workplace Violence &


Spirituality & Mental Health

Boundaries in Life/Work

Thriving in Transitions

Character Strengths

Identity & Purpose

Emotional IQ

Life Management

Happiness Made Simple


*This is a partial list of available topics


Whether your needs are to train some of your staff in Workplace Violence & De-escalation, Mental Health in the Workplace, or something else altogether, Jackie’s background in counseling and mental health bring a depth and thoroughness to her training which will equip your staff with skills they need.


Who we are is integral to how we live out our lives, and for many, they do not have a clear idea of their identity and what it means to them. Jackie has presentations, keynotes, workshops, and more to help attendees identify who they are and how to use that knowledge to grow and reach their full potential.


Jackie’s desire and mission are to help women discover their voice and pursue that to a mission that feels truly like their own. In doing so, she believes they will be more confident, have clearer direction and truer expression of that direction. She works with women of all ages to pursue their voice, dreams and life direction. She does this through individual coaching, group work, and retreats.

Her experience with this has led her to understand that a woman with her true voice is truly Empowered and no one can stop her. By helping women become their true selves, they will be role models for future generations!


Jackie has a passion for bringing her personal faith to her presentations when she is tasked to bring them to a faith-based audience. She is able to weave spirituality into her keynotes, workshops, or other presentations – being sensitive to your audience.

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